How Google Ads (SEM) And Google My Business (SEO) Work Together

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How Google Ads (SEM) And Google My Business (SEO) Work Together

Besides being the monster of internet searches and offering a lot of services that help us in our daily clumsiness, Google is also a powerful ally for those who want to publicize their product or service intelligently online.

If you are the proud owner of a website, you will surely know how difficult and painful it is to generate content and not perceive massive visits as you would like. Maybe you're doing your job well, but you're not using Google at full power.

No tears on the keyboard! Let's show you how to use Google’s goodness to your benefit:

“Do the right thing”


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) goal is to increase the website's visibility in the search engines. If you want to gain visits, you must be at the top of the search results. SEM analyzes Google's algorithms and uses these two strategies to adapt the website to the needs of users:


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO Makes internal changes in the website structure according to what internet users search to generate organic visits (basically, unpaid clicks). Getting traffic through SEO takes time. It’s a long process that requires planning the content to be published, reformulating the structure of the website and waiting for the results to be positive for search engine positioning.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

    PPC refers to the promotion in search engines using paid ads. The visibility of your website is immediate. Since you set up the campaigns, your ads appear in the first places at search results, giving you inorganic visits (paid clicks).

The role of Google positioning your website

Generally, larger budget brands combine tools to win organic and inorganic visits. But don't get overwhelmed, poor apprentice! You don't have to spend your entire budget on SEM if you want your small business to shine. Google can help.

Google My Business is a great way to empower your local SEO. From your Google business page (Google+ will no longer be available from April 2), you can register your biz on Google Map, and manage photos, appointments, links, and user reviews; but also add your video content in Youtube, and watch out your analytics.
Best of all: it's free and only takes a couple of minutes to register and update your profile! Keep in mind that, like any SEO strategy, it doesn't work overnight!

Google Ads will allow you to place yourself at the top of the search results because you will be "buying" the position. Google ads are tailored to users' searches, so you'll always appear in the right place at the right time. At least 90% of users stop to read ads, and 65% of clicks are intentional. Yep, as magical and perfect as it sounds.

If you combine both strategies, the insights are greater:

Although Google pays more attention to semantic connections than tags, buying ads will help you get an idea of the keywords that users use for their searches. In this way, you will know how to adapt your online profile, you will know where to move and what type of content you need to explore to attract the largest number of potential customers.