How to start a Blog

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Many people still ask, “How can one start a blog”?  First of all, there is room for everyone for those who want to start blogging. This is the beginner’s guide on how to start a blog.

I have come up with 5 simplified easy steps on how to start a blog. These are the step to take when you are thinking about starting a blog. Before everything, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

Why?? – Why do you want to start a blog?

There are so many reasons why people want to start a blog or website. This depends on the individual. Some people start a blog for pleasure, some start for business and some do it to make money. The last why is the main reason for this topic “How to start a blog and monetise it”, How to start a monetised blog. As easy as it sounds, there are steps that everyone has to follow if you want to start a successful blog. Saying that this is not an overnight success. It needs hard work and dedication. A lot of people think that the money starts rolling the minute you put up some few posts. As said patient and dedication, it does take a while for a blog to start -making money depending on how much input you are putting.

What is a blog?

A blog is an information website, in the beginning, it started as a diary or journal but now its change to more diverse. This is how blog started by sharing updates about personal lives and event

So let see the very five-step on how to start a monetized blog

1.    Blog as a business

You have to think of the blog as a business and start treating it as if you are starting any other business. With so much information out there it can be so overwhelming and frustration to digest what everyone is saying or talking about. Most people and gurus say you have to master the art of blogging and you have to have good follower, social media, email list, videos and so forth. Well, you might need some but not all of them. 

I believe one step at a time is all that everyone needs when they are starting a business so its the same way when you want to start a blog. Just like any other business, you need a business plan that will answer all your needs before starting your blog

As business depends on customers to come and buy the product or service. This is the same with a blog, you depend on readers to read your blog and in blog, the terminology is called traffic. 

2.    Have the right strategy

Having the right strategy will help you with the right approach and not go all over the place. The right strategy will help to be organised and focused too. 

People like reading good stories and information. The question to you is how are you going to create and maintain a successful blog with great quality content at all times? Who is your audience? You have to research where most of your audience, readers will come from. Think of the demographic, age and anything that fit the description of your readers.

3.    Choosing the topic

One of the important step when starting a blog is choosing the topic of your blog. There are called a niche, the industry. Find the topic that will be easy for you and that you can come with different stories from the niche that you have chosen.  As you come up with the topic of your blog, you will kind of have an idea of what kind of people, readers and audience is. 

Examples of niches are fitness, fashion, beauty, technology and more see here a list of different niches. Pick topics that people are interested to read or to try if it’s a product and make it engaging.

4.    How to monetize your blog

The main reason for creating this blog is to monetise it so that at the end of the day it brings some income. So how do you start a profitable blog? There are so many ways out there, which means co much information to digest. For beginners, it is always good to take one step at a time or get information in bite-size so that you don’t get exhausted. As small bites, I have come up with 3 most used way for beginners starting up a blog. How much traffic coming to your website determines how much revenue you will get.

a)   Google Ads

This is basically where every beginner in blogging starts. Google ads/advertisement is when google place adverts on your blog. For a beginner you won’t make a lot of money from google ads because you don’t have a lot of audiences, that is traffic coming to your blog. But if you are consistence with your blogging and your blog is attracting good traffic, you can see growth in your revenue. Good revenue is when you start getting +10000 traffic to your blog, yeah right (10,000) which is doable.

a)   Affiliate

Affiliate is when you sell other peoples product on your blog. There are lots of company that offers affiliate marketing program. The best example is Amazon. You sign up for the program where you will be allowed to see Amazon products on your blog. If anyone happens to buy anything from your blog, you get a commission.

a)   Selling product

You can sell products that you create yourself, can buy from manufacturers, Ebook or digital products and services. Try to sell products that are relating to your niche.

As I said starting on too many things at once can be hard and overwhelming, it depends on which one feels comfortable to start with for you as a personal choice.

We all want to start making money quick, this needs patience and time to understand how everything works, with improvement as you learn and grow.

1.    Support

There is so much support on how to start to blog. You can find more information about blogging online, social media. They are lots of Facebook group that share and support on different topics.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you need help from any person who has been where you are and friendship with like-mind people.