Our process

Our Process?

How to we work?

Our aim is to make the online Journey for your business as easy as possible. We want to ease the hectic life that you already have running the business.

We are working with small businesses globally, so It does not matter where you are. We are here to help you.


Basically the typical process for your Web design will include

  1. Consultation –

This can be in person, over a cuppa or can be through Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype (Which ever feels comfortable with you). This is where you decide to work with us or not

  1. Goal & Objectives Setting

We gather information on your business – What you are looking to achieve (Researching for what will work well for your business). Getting and organising the contents. We have our “Website Design Sheet” our client’s questionnaire form which our clients can fill up and send us back business information

Some of the questions includes:

  • What is the business model?
  • What are your products or services?
  • Who are your Customer and where are they?
  • website pages and other integration


  1. Website proposal delivery

This is project document Scope. This document will clarify the agreed information from Consultation to goal and objectives setting.

  • What type of website we are going to design?
  • All other the details – be it color, typography, pictures, content, CTA buttons
  • The deadline of when the website will be ready/delivered
  • The cost and budget of the project
  1. Content gathering

For the content of the web-pages, check with the client if he has got a writer or if you are creating your own content. If not, we can assist you with our in-house content creator/writer for the project. We will also need any content you have like a brochure, newsletter, business cards, team member’s information and other marketing materials


  1. Website Review

Now we are ready to execute the project with all the information we have. Once you are satisfied and everything is approved


  1. Website Development

We are always in-touch with our client updating on the status of the project on a regular basis.

  1. Testing

This when the site is lauched. We do all necessary testing making sure every thing works well, including links, forms and buttons, images and so on. And we do any correction that is needed.


  1. Website Launch

This is when the client is happy with the project and after any correction and necessary changes and ready for the website to go live.



Ready to start your journey with us – with a new, fully optimized, social media integrated website